Lake-side Private Beach


Unfortunately, this is not my personal property.

Along the Lake Zurich, there is a place called “private beach” where only the local residents can use. Once the key of this beach is opened in early June, in the afternoon of any hot days, you will find at least someone lying under the sun. 。

When weekend comes, families enjoy sunbathing. Adults enjoy reading or simply gazing the lake. Diving, sailing and canoeing are alternatives.Birds in the lake and humans swim together.The summer in the northern Europe is beautiful and shortThere is no period that you may enjoy end-of-summer melancholy feeling, and the weather turns straight into autumn.

Because of this or not, it is not unusual to see some people who rather stay in Switzerland around this time of the year, and then travel to the southern Europe, North Africa or around Turkey for longer vacations.If you are an adult-only couple, this is another way of enjoying freedom supported by the adjective of “independent.”After you send out an email and you receive an automatic reply saying the office will be closed for 2 weeks. They are off again! I always wonder how many times they take holidays a year.Zurich entered into Sommerferien yesterday. Schools are closed for summer until the middle of August.

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