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At the site of Jenny Holzer Exhibition at Fondation Beyel, somehow taking pictures is allowed, possibly a part of the intentional planning.Much talked about collaboration with the architecture by Renzo Piano. Other artists include Giacometti. Picasso, Max Ernst, and Andy Warhall who, for some period in his career, enjoyed outdoor advertising such as neon as his media for his expression. These are selected by Holzer herself, as a curator, from the collection of the Foundation. Here you may enjoy dialogues with these works of art.


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Jenny Holzer Exhibition at Fondation Beyeler

It is just less than 1-hour ride from Zurich to Basel by nonstop tain. While Basel is well known for its fairs of art or watches, it is an old city developed as the center for arts and science as well as culture, since the Medieval Ages. Sophisticated elegance is found in the Old Town or along the Rhein. The national train station of Basel is a station at the border with a neo-baroque façade. Germany, France and Switzerland all join its borders here.
We took the tram from the station to Riehn in the suburb. Although you can find many beautiful art museums in the world, at this Fondation Beyeler, situated by a big pond with abundant water, the tranquility and elegance welcome the minds of visitors who come here to appreciate art.
Work by the world’s well-known architect, Renzo Piano
Not to mention that Beyeler has wonderful and carefully selected collections, it is known as a museum that hold very high-quality exhibitions in Europe. At the site of the Basel Art Fair every year, this is the art museum where you always find on your right from the entrance, as the very first booth.
Jenny Holzer Exhibition is being held over the New Year. While there is no need to refresh your memory, she is one of the most prominent contemporary artists today. She won the Golden Lion award in the Venice Biennale in 1990, and since this recognition, she has developed her creative activities which conveys, like abundant waves, her words of strong social and political but still poetic nature into a wider field.
She was born in Ohio, USA in 1950. Her recent projects have often involved cties around the world, being used as medea, such as sending phrases on electric LED bulletin boards. The exhibition this time in Zurich demonstrated her work on the wall on the hill of Lindenh that looked down the Limmat River in the Old Town. In Basel, her messages were kept running through the cathedral, inside the SBB station, City Hall, or on stone pavements and on the bronze Virgin Mary in the church.
© 2009 Jenny Holzer, member Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Photo: Serge Hasenböhler

The exhibition consists of the texts in the late ‘70s and major works in all the fields she has been involved since the late ‘80s. Especially, it focuses on her recent works including those that have not yet been published in Europe. It is a large-scale show for the first time in Switzerland, introducing paintings, objects as well as LED installations.

Furthermore, this is for the special and flexible courtesy of Beyeler that they have selected, from their collections, the works of A. Giacometti. P. Picasso, K. Malevich, and F. Bacon, so that the viewers can also encounter totally different types of art, in terms of interaction with the works of Holzer, while they move from one installation to another or at the same time of viewing the works of Holzer.

The exhibition will be open until January 24, 2010.

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Happy New Year!


Alpine Mountains were asleep in the color of silver.

Although it snowed at midnight on the New Year’s Day, all melted in the following day and it brought a brilliant blue sky for the first three days of the year.

New Year’s Eve. All the churches in this neighborhood rang their bells all at once, and fireworks shot in the sky one after another in the opposite side of the lake. We could hear the cheers from the far distance.

The top of the champagne bottle that was supposed to be opened for the New Year’s Eve Countdown, was quite stubborn, but finally opened by the force of a nut cracker, just in time for the midnight. The TV was showing the live street views of Zurich. Various faces from Africa, Eastern Europe, or South America as well as the local Swiss youth, were smiling at the TV screen.

The fireworks set pieces, which were to be developed in full scale at around 300 meters from the ground, were quite artistic and displayed interesting performances this year. They erupted from the lake, kept running up and ended up with dancing in the space. Fantastic glow like aurora, appeared in the darkness and covered the surface of the water.

In the bright light, lovers embraced each other, kissed each other time to time, and looked up the night sky again.

New Year has come!

We all wish for a peaceful year.

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