Swiss Design by Stefi Talman


Close to the Cathedral, there is one shop I drop in occasionally when I stroll on the stone-paved streets of the old town of Niederdorf.
Stefi Talmam.

While she is considered as a Swiss designer who is capable in the wide-range of fields from architecture to typography or industrial design, she is also a well-known cutting edge in the fashion field.

Her collection is interesting and has surprises in the color variation, mainly in the shoes and bags as well as small items and accessories that decorate the windows. Especially, the combination of the leather used for the base and colorful unborn calf. It is amazing to see the well-thought combination balance of humor, intelligence, and functionality.

Since mid 1920’s, most of the people who have been innovative in the design world of this country are those who had moved to Switzerland from overseas. Stefi is no exception. She is a cosmopolitan of European and Asian origin.

While incorporating sharp and simple conventional Swiss design, targeting to the working women with borderless sense is probably, I believe, very Zurich like.
She has established popularity among assertive Swiss women, and has many fans in USA and Asia as well.

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